Way-Too-Early Season Predictions

Before we jump into the predictions, I would like to say, welcome to Pats Buzz! This blog will be dedicated to everything New England Patriots. The blog will start discussion and debate amongst fans as well as keeping fans informed of the latest Patriots news. Without further ado, let’s predict the upcoming Patriots NFL schedule.

Is this prediction coming too early? Yes, so much is bound to change between now and the first regular-season kickoff, but everyone loves a good premature prediction. The fact is so much of this season depends on the play of the quarterback position. How good can Jarrett Stidham be?

Week 1 vs. Dolphins: Win. While I do believe the Dolphins got better this offseason, I think the Patriots find a way to pull this one out. Despite bringing in Byron Jones and Kyle Van Noy, I like this opportunity for Jarrett Stidham in the season opener. Hopefully, the Patriots can get a little revenge after the collapse last year against the Dolphins in week 17.

Week 2 @ Seahawks: Loss. I don’t think the Patriots will have enough offense to hang in this one. Russell Wilson is still Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are great at home. With that being said, stadiums could look a lot different this season, so the crowd in Seattle might not make much of a difference. I really love the Patriots secondary but with great quarterbacks, they usually end up putting up points regardless.

Week 3 vs. Raiders: Win. In the first of four matchups with the AFC West, I have the Patriots winning this one. The Raiders upgraded their weapons surrounding Derrick Carr this offseason which should help him out. The problem is, I’m not a believer in some of the upgrades and as long as the defense can stop the run game from going off, I like the Patriots chances.

Week 4 @ Chiefs: Loss. Visting the Seahawks and the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs in the first four weeks of the season is tough. But as I stated before, stadium restrictions might restrict home-field advantage. With that being said, I don’t see the Patriots getting this one. The Chiefs, who are returning 20 of 22 starters from their Super Bowl run, look to be poised for another long playoff run. It will be nice to see how some of the rookie defenders, like Kyle Dugger and Josh Uche, perform against this high powered offense. The Patriots seem to have got younger, faster, and more athletic on defense. This will be a great test.

Record after Week 4: 2-2

2 thoughts on “Way-Too-Early Season Predictions

  • May 16, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    New reader here. Second article but I appreciate your insight. Personally, despite a brutal schedule, I find it hard to see a floor lower than 7 games, for a few reasons. Most importantly, the defense is still a top unit in the league. Second the offense is better all around except possibly at QB, but let’s not forget it wasn’t great last year either and we were a few bad calls away from a 13-3 record and a home game against KC in the divisional round.

    My other critique is that you picked losses for all the games we “should” lose and give them other random losses, which is fine. But if that’s true, we should expect upset wins too. On that note, I can give strong reasons for wins against SF BAL and HOU. Jimmy G, who I’m high on, but he’s probably already sweating about that game, especially after a bye. Houston we own, outside of last year, which is just all the more reason why the team wants that one in a bad way. The same can be said for Baltimore. With such a prideful defense, you know they’re going to want to shutdown both Watson and Jackson the way those games went last year. Jackson is only 3-3 when he plays a team a second or third time (3 wins against Cincy and CLE last year).

    One final comment… Herbert is a BUSTTTTTTTT

    Thanks for the article

    • May 16, 2020 at 8:00 pm

      Thanks for reading I appreciate your support! I would say the defense definitely gets you some wins there’s no argument there BUT if Stidham isn’t good then the floor is pretty low. I made my predictions off how I think Stidham will play which is average, he’s a young QB and I think he’ll grow but with time 8-8 sounds right for me. The weapons around Stidham need to step up and help him out. I wrote an article about that and I hope you check it out.

      I hear you on the Houston game it was a toss-up for me. I can definitely see an upset here or there but I can also see some of the other’s being losses so 8-8 is about where I see them. Maybe things will change as the season gets closer.

      I appreciate you checking me out and I’m open to talking Pats all the time. Have a great day!


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